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Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

This had a perfect ending, even through it ended the series,  Inheritance and some of the predictions right, however they were achieved through a unique means. I love the way that Eragon was able to fulfill his obligations, and do what he needed to as a Rider. My favorite part of this book was when [...]


Touch of Frost By Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost was a pretty good read if you are into mythology characters and stories.  The book was on how a Gypsy girl who is an outsider at her high school, Mythos Academy,  and can touch an object and know information about it is pulled into solving a murder that took place at the [...]


The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid By: Rick Riodan

This was a great book. I did not know that much about Egyptian Mythology, however this book was fascinating, not only did it explain the different gods and goddesses, they seemed to almost be alive.  This was like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, however it has some differences that make it completely unique.


Terrier by: Tamora Pierce

I picked up this book because I wanted some action. This book held me captive with the action and the plot line.  Pierce has created her unique world, and placed a variety of characters, making the book  and plot line one that holds reader’s captive and wanting more. Overall I cannot wait until I can [...]


Percy Jackson & And The Olympians: The Lighting Thief By: Rick Riordan

I loved the movie, well until I read the book. Then I wonder at how the movie could be said to be based off the book. As I told a family member, if you love the movie, and do not want to hate it, then do not read the book, if you do not care [...]


Overbite by Meg Cabot

I was interest in reading Overbite since I read the first book in the series Insatiable. Two days after finishing the book, I had already forgotten the majority of the plot. So, as books go, I would definitely categorize this a light reading. So, Meena is now a member of the Palatine Guard, using her [...]


Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

Mermaid is a retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Little Mermaid. I love retellings but was a little hesitant since the real little mermaid story always made me cry. I enjoyed this book. The story is told from the perspective of a mermaid who finds the prince and the princess that discovers [...]


A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

As soon as you start reading A Discover of Witches, you understand why it was an Amazon book of the month and has been so highly reviewed. Deborah Harkness, a history professor at USC, is a talented writer. The premise of the book twists the witch/vampire genre lending both history and science to the story. [...]


Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Goes Batty is a strong sequel to Jane Bites Back. These novels by Michael Thomas Ford star a vampire Jane Austen, now Jane Fairfax. In the first book, Jane’s novel Constance is published. Now the movie is going to be made in Jane’s hometown of Brakestown. Jane is hunted by fans, deals with a [...]


Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford

So Jane Austen as a vampire, kind of cliche, right? Michael Thomas Ford makes it work, though, partly because he pokes fun at the Jane Austen trends (Jane Austen exercise books and finger puppets). Jane Austen has been trying to sell her manuscript for centuries and finally a publisher picks it up. She is now [...]

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