The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross

This was one of the most oddly-written books I’ve ever encountered.  Depending on which chapter you’re reading, the book is written from the perspective of the main character and the main character’s grandmother.  This book, the way it’s written, sounds as if the author wanted to write a cookbook but didn’t have enough recipes and decided to write a cookbook that passes as a novel, via writing a story in between each recipe (there is a cupcake recipe at the end of each chapter).  At seemingly random points in the story, the reader is lectured on cooking techniques and given helpful hints, as well as the “baker’s secret ingredient” which, thanks to the author mentioning it four or five times, is no longer a secret.  It also sounds as if the author is living vicariously through the grandmother’s character in the book, who is seventy something and still considers herself “sexy” and tries to seduce an IRS agent, who is fifty-something.  I hate to be hard on old people, but this isn’t something I, as a 20-something, want to read about.  It’s a little stomach-turning.  I wouldn’t recommend this book.  The whole thing is just an awkward story line that is written awkwardly to boot, as if the author didn’t get a second opinion or an editor before publishing it.  I sort of couldn’t wait to finish this book, just so that I could be done.  There was no second dimension to the story.  I am a fan of books that have segments where you get that “can’t read fast enough” feeling, because you’re in suspense of what will happen next.  Those moments that make your heart literally race, in my opinion, are what make the book, whether it’s a vampire-slaying scene, a lovemaking scene, a running-from-the-cops scene, or whatever.  This book had nothing.  The main character has no depth.  She’s a “mean girl” who goes to New York after being dumped, and prospers, which, again, is something I don’t care to read about.  The ending was sickening to say the least.  This has been a long review and I apologize.  Just don’t waste your time on this book.

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