The Titan’s Curse

The third installment, The Titan’s Curse, of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series was a really good book. After finishing the third book I am still excited about the story and cannot wait to read the next book. Throughout the series these books have not had any point where the story has become dry or boring. The Titan’s Curse starts around winter break for Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia. Percy is again the main character accompanied on his journey by his two friends Annabeth and Thalia, the former a daughter of Athena, the latter a daughter of Zeus. They accompany Percy to Westover Hall, a military school, to find Grover, Percy’s satyr friend who has been looking for two half-bloods. Upon arrival Percy and his friends find that something is a little off with the head man at the school, Dr. Thorn. They manage to slip by this strange man to find the two half-bloods, Bianco and Nico, only to lose them again to Dr. Thorn. Percy and his friends find the two half-bloods but then lose Annabeth in a battle to Dr. Thorn who is a manitcore. This then leads Percy to search out for Annabeth with the help of his friends and some help from the gods and other mythical creatures. I really enjoyed this book as much as the previous ones.

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