Christmas reading

Over Christmas break, I was able to catch up on my reading. I read M. J. Rose’s The Memorist, Katherine Neville’s The Fire, Jane Lindskold’s Thirteen Orphans, and Mercedes Lackey’s Foundation. I would recommend any of them. Both The Memorist and The Fire are thrillers which travel the world. I had read the book prior to The Fire which is called The Eight, but you don’t need to since an excellent recap happens in the early parts of the book. I enjoyed it very much. Then Thirteen Orphans and Foundation are both fantasy novels. Thirteen Orphans is set in our world, but it has connections to another. Foundation is set in Lackey’s famous Valdemar world where a group of horses called Companions help their special people. Foundation is a great place to start reading Lackey’s books since it is a prequel to others. Let me know what you think about these and other books!

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