The Battle Of The Labyrinth

The fourth installment of Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, The Batlle Of The Labyrinth, starts with the beginning of another summer and Percy getting ready for camp once again. This time, however, he must go to orientation for the new school that Percy’s mom’s boyfriend, Mr. Blofis, has somehow gotten Percy enrolled in. Upon arrival at this new school he recognizes the red-headed mortal girl that he came across at the Hoover Dam – this girl could see through the mist. Percy then meets two cheerleaders who apparently already know him and don’t turn out to be what they say they are. After orientation Percy makes his way back to summer camp and meets up with Grover, Annabeth, and Clarrise. Grover is on trial by the elder satyrs and must now find the god of the wild Pan by the end of the week. Also, an entrance is found by Percy and Annabeth to the labyrinth and they must now go on a quest to seek Daedalus, the architect of the labyrinth, to try and stop him from helping Luke. It seems like after a while the series would get boring but I am still very interested in the series. I am looking forward to reading the final book of the series.

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