From the same author (Mark Waid) who created Irredeemable, the story of the world’s greatest superhero turned world’s greatest villain, comes Incorruptible, the story of the world’s greatest villain turned world’s greatest superhero, or at least his attempt to be a superhero.  Max Damage, once the world’s greatest super villain, is missing.  Now his old crew is about to take on the police.  Out of nowhere Max Damage shows up and takes on his own crew who thinks he is there to help them, but instead Max helps out the cops who are confused and are still shooting at him even though he takes his own old crew down.  The book then shows how Max Damage has changed, burning all of his money that he has acquired throughout the years and his supercar, and even showing why now he has had the change of heart.  I really enjoyed this series and how well they collate with one another.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone since they are not as mainstream as DC Comics or Marvel.

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