All That Lives Must Die

After eagerly awaiting for two months I have finally obtained and read the book by Eric Nylund, All That Lives Must Die, part two of the first book, Mortal Coils. The book picks up right where Mortal Coils ends. Fiona is still a goddess in training and Elliot is still a hero of the Immortals. They now attend the school in San Francisco, which is now where they live, called the Paxington Institute. This school is designed to teach them about all the different magical mortal families and anything else they need to know to be successful in all their magical dealings. First, though, Elliot and Fiona must pass entry exams to even make it into this school – if they fail they may even be killed by the League of Immortals, so this is pretty good motivation for them to pass. To get to the exams they must actually find the school which is hidden away from the public in another type of dimension. Upon arrival at their exam they notice several characters from the last book. Even some they didn’t expect to ever see again. After exams they must then form teams with the other students who passed. This is because they need teams to participate in gym class which is highly dangerous and accidental deaths occur regularly. Throughout the book there are twists and turns and even trips to Hell and back. This was a really good book. It was one of those that I could not read fast enough – I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I would recommend it to anyone who likes something like Percy Jackson or fiction books on gods and fallen angels.

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