Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford

So Jane Austen as a vampire, kind of cliche, right? Michael Thomas Ford makes it work, though, partly because he pokes fun at the Jane Austen trends (Jane Austen exercise books and finger puppets). Jane Austen has been trying to sell her manuscript for centuries and finally a publisher picks it up. She is now called Jane Fairfax and owns a bookstore. I really enjoyed the author’s creativity with how she was turned and by whom. The other literary figures that show up are a great addition to the story. It’s a light story which reads very quickly. I thought how she chose her meal was great. This is definitely not urban fantasy, although featuring vampires. I would characterize this story as more a light fantasy with a romantic element. I would definitely recommend Jane Bites Back and have already checked out the sequel, Jane Goes Batty.

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