The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer

This is a novella (off of “Eclipse” from The Twilight Saga).  This was an okay book.  It was kind of interesting how it is a separate story, then merges into the very end of “Eclipse,” and you see the Cullens through a complete outsider’s viewpoint.  I like Bree – she’s an interesting character.  If this book wasn’t so short it would have been a little tougher to get through since the reader knows (having read “Eclipse”) that Bree is definitely going to die at the end (sorry if I gave that away to any non-Eclipse readers, but Twilight haters aren’t going to read this book, and Twilight lovers know the ending, so no worries).  There’s also an interesting twist revealed in this book that makes me want to go back and read “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” again to see if I can pick up any hints to this twist in those books.  I’d recommend this book to Twilight readers.  Non-Twilight readers might be lost or a little confused at this book.

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