Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Goes Batty is a strong sequel to Jane Bites Back. These novels by Michael Thomas Ford star a vampire Jane Austen, now Jane Fairfax. In the first book, Jane’s novel Constance is published. Now the movie is going to be made in Jane’s hometown of Brakestown. Jane is hunted by fans, deals with a new editor who does not like her or her work, hires identical twins (one of whom is a vampire) to work at the shop, and worries about Our Gloomy Friend. Some of the best scenes of the book feature Jane’s love Walter, his vampire hunter mother Miriam, and her three-legged Chihuahua Lilith. And by the way, Miriam expects Jane to convert to Judaism. It was a very enjoyable read with more action and humor than the first in the series.

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