The Whole Truth by David Baldacci

David Baldacci lives up to his name with The Whole Truth, creating suspense throughout the entire novel.

The world’s largest defense contractor, The Ares Corporation, is having a slow year so the head of the company, Nicolas Creel, sets a plan in motion to gain more riches. He, along with his accomplices, begin to manipulate international conflicts in order to do this.

Along comes Shaw, a man with a unique past unto himself, is the hero who sets out to discover and stop Creel in his tracks. His job that he only does to repay a debt to society is one that he seems to never be able to rid himself of no matter how hard he tries. Creel and Shaw collide head-on in this thriller that travels the globe and continues to excite.

His description and attitude of the story’s antagonist, Nicolas Creel, helped set and create the stage within the book. Baldacci made Creel so realistic that I could completely see him in the real world, doing the things that he does withing this masterpiece’s pages.The perception of the hero, Shaw reminded me of a typical Bruce Willis role, always forced to be the hero no matter whether he wants to or not.

Since reading this book and enjoying it so much I have found that Baldacci amazes within the pages of all of his others just as much. He is definitely an author that I will continuously look forward to his next bestseller. Enjoy.

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