Swift Justice by Laura DiSilverio

Swift Justice has a great premise. Charlie Swift is a private investigator specializing in missing persons. She’s a one-woman office–she thought. Her silent partner leaves for Costa Rica with a younger woman, and his wife is the new proud–and loud–partner. Charlie tries several times to shake Gigi, by assigning her undercover work at a local fast food joint and process serving.

The main focus of the mystery is a convoluted missing persons case. A baby is left with someone else for safe keeping, and the mother is nowhere to be found. There’s lots of who’s the daddy drama with this.

I really enjoyed this book. It has a novel take on the missing persons case. The characters are well-told, although I want to see more of the hunky priest next door! The ending was not completely unexpected, so if you followed the clues you could figure it out yourself. (Side note, I hate it when there is no way to solve the crime yourself with the information provided!) This book has hints of a Janet Evanovich-like humor in places but can also be serious. It was a great read!

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