Now Until Forever

Now Until Forever is very suspenseful and continues to hold your curiosity. The novel starts off really slow. Owens introduces two people who work in the same building, but have never met each other. Ryan Mitchell is a professional set designer who has recently set out to find a new beginning after the loss of her husband. She focuses on her work, so she won’t feel so alone. Her simple life is turned upside down when she meets Keir Southall.

Southall is the studio executive, who has a story of his own. He is a divorced father of two. He too focuses on his work to get him through the day. When they first meet each other things seem to be going just fine. As the relationship progresses, Both Mitchell and Southall come into some major obstacles that makes them question their loyalty, respect and love for each other. Not only does Southall’s daughter not like Mitchell, but she’s not able to adapt to Mitchell taking her mother’s place. Two questions that makes you wonder throughout the whole book is will she take a chance at love? Or will she not take a chance at all and be unhappy?

Now Until Forever is a great book. I love reading books like this. I personally love romance books that make you suspenseful. If you’re looking for a great read in the near future, check out Karen White-Owens.

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