Overbite by Meg Cabot

I was interest in reading Overbite since I read the first book in the series Insatiable. Two days after finishing the book, I had already forgotten the majority of the plot. So, as books go, I would definitely categorize this a light reading.

So, Meena is now a member of the Palatine Guard, using her talent for predicting death, to help kill vampires. There is definite tension between Meena and her bodyguard/partner, Alaric. Cabot tries to make a love triangle with Lucien Antonescu, a vampire, but there’s not quite enough there to make it work. Meena convinced that vampires are not all bad and starts searching for materials in the archive to prove this. This search is the crux of the story with Meena on one side and the rest of the Palatine on the other. This book is enjoyable but definitely not memorable.

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