Altar of Bones

After being pleasantly surprised by the Medusa Amulet, I decided to pick up another thriller with similar twists: Philip Carter’s Altar of Bones. I was less engaged by Altar of Bones. It had a promising start with an escape from a Soviet prison camp that leads to a mystical cave and hints at a very old magic that the reader will eventually discover the importance of. Flash forward to the modern day United States with a powerful villain intent on killing anyone with knowledge of an earth shattering event from the recent past. Sounds promising, right? It could have been, but what started as a potentially thrilling story line ended up being rather mediocre and predictable, complete with a high speed car chase and an improbable “hook up” between the two protagonists. Seriously? You are being shot at while driving around a cliff…can you wait to get naked? All in all…it was entertaining, but not nearly as captivating  as the Medusa Amulet.

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