Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days has been one of the better books I have read in a while.  I really enjoyed the writing style of the author, as other books about vampires have a tendency to say the words “like” and “so” way too often and it gets annoying.  With this book you actually get a feel that the vampire, Lenah, is not from our time and has to learn everything that has happened while she slept for a hundred years.  Lenah, who has been a vampire for several hundred years, is tired of not feeling emotions anymore (other than depression and anger).  Wanting to end it all, her partner, Rhode,  tells her of a spell that can turn her back to human but asks her to sleep a hundred years before it is done.  She then awakens in a strange place with Rhode shriveled up not looking like his normal strong self.  He explains that he has performed the spell but that it has drained him.  After this, Lenah, now human, goes to school and starts to live her life, all the while knowing that her old coven will start to hunt for her after they have found out that she is not returning.  Lenah then must find a way to outsmart her old coven before they hunt her down to see what has become of her and possibly murder her.

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