Lord of the Dead By Tom Holland

This was an all-around good book, from the story line to the way it was written.  The story starts out with a young lady by the name of Rebecca.  Rebecca heads to a law firm in the hopes of acquiring keys to a house that her mother disappeared at when she was a young child.  Mr. Melrose is reluctant to give up these keys because he remembers Rebecca’s mother and that she disappeared, never to be seen again.  Rebecca finally obtains the keys and nervously heads to the house her mother disappeared at all those years ago.  Rebecca enters the house and finds some horrible creature in the crypt and a mysterious man.  This man, though, is more than he appears - he is a vampire.  He then tells his story which leads all over Europe during the 1700′s and 1800’s, and how he is really Lord Byron, the famous romantic poet.  If you’re a fan of vampire novels then this is a really good read that gives a certain twist on vampires.

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