Siren Song

I have been reading about the ongoing struggles of Celia Graves, the half-vampire-half-siren from the book Siren Song by Cat Adams.  This picks up right where Blood Song ends.  Celia Graves, who already has been bitten by a vampire, finds out that she also has some siren blood in her, giving her the answer to why men have always been attracted to her and why women have never cared too much for her.  When Blood Song ends Celia and close friends of Vicki, who has recently been murdered, are gathered at a club remembering Vicki.  While her friends tell tales of how Vicki touched their lives a beautiful woman with a remarkable singing voice interrupts their remembering of Vicki by singing.  She then confronts Celia to reveal that she herself is a princess of the sirens and has come to see Celia.  Celia, though angry that the princess has interrupted the event, calls out the princess; this causes the princess to become angry.  She then tells Celia that she will be tried on the islands of the sirens to see if she can continue living or not since she is half vampire half siren. The princess then walks out.  Siren Song picks up where Celia and Dr. Scott are in a limo heading to Birchwoods, the complex that holds normally rich and famous people while they are treated for various psychological problems.  The only problem, though, is that Celia notices that they have missed their exit and they are heading to the desert. Some of the story becomes somewhat predictable.  Even though I like the book it seems like any time that Celia is in trouble some creature always gets her out of a jam, this can become repetitive over the course of the book as well as in Blood Song.  Overall, though, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the vampire genre or likes reading something that has multiple types of magical creatures.

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