Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs

As a long-time follower of Kathy Reichs and Temperance Brennan in both books and by watching Bones, I was really disappointed with this book. This is a nice, simple, little mystery. Simple is the key, though. After the richness of the earlier books, I was expecting more from the story. There is no advancement of Tempe’s love life, and the Canadian contingent is absent from the book other than a phone call with Andrew Ryan. The novel tells the story of a cold case reopened with the appearance of a body in an oil drum close the the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a race weekend. Tempe works with the Charlotte police department, raceway security (the head of which was a former police officer and investigated the original disappearance), and the FBI. The cold case features a young woman and her boyfriend who disappeared several years prior to the start of the novel. I found this book to be clumsy, and some of the plot lines seemed really forced. I would recommend that people skip this book and read earlier books in the series, such as Death du Jour or Bare Bones.

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