The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

After being a fan of Anne Rice for a long time, I just finished one of her newer novels that just came out, The Wolf Gift. I really enjoyed this book; this was one of the best werewolf novels that I have ever read and loved everything from the storyline to the characters. The main character is Reuben. Rueben is on assignment for his newspaper to write an article about the Nideck House. This mansion is on the edge of a cliff and its previous owner has mysteriously been missing for the past twenty years. The owner is now Marchent, who is the niece of the missing owner. Reuben meets Marchent and immediately they take a liking to each other. Rueben stays the night so that he can see everything for his report. When awakening hours later from a noise, he finds Marchent’s brothers attacking her and then him. He is then stabbed but is saved by some beast that kills both brothers and bites Reuben. This is the start of the journey that leads Reuben to discover that he now has the wolf gift and must keep it a secret and learn how to live with it. If you enjoyed any other of Anne Rice’s novels then you’re sure to love this one.

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