Jane Vows Vengeance By Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Vows Vengeance is the third book of the series and has not let me down compared to the past two. The storyline was quite a bit different from the previous two. Jane and her fiancé, Walter, are finally getting married. There is one problem, though: Walter has no idea that Jane is a vampire or that his mother is a vampire hunter. Jane and Walter, along with his mother and their friends, travel to Europe for Jane and Walter’s wedding, thinking it will be fun and uneventful. As the book goes on, though, you know that this will not be the case, along with worrying about “Our Gloomy Friend”. Jane also runs into some ghosts; and learned about a mysterious artifact that could very well return her human soul causing her to become human again; which would mean not having to tell Walter that she is a vampire. This is a very quick read for anyone who likes vampire novels.

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