The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu

This book I actually bought instead of picking it up from the library and I was not disappointed afterwards. I was looking for a Percy Jackson type and this fits pretty good with the Greek god adventure books. The story follows two main characters, Charlotte and Zach. They happen to be cousins. Charlotte is from the United States and Zach is from London were every summer he visits with his Grandmother Winter. Grandmother Winter happens to see flashes of the future and knows that she will die soon and that her grandchild Zach will be in danger. After Grandmother Winter’s death Zach starts to notice that most of his friends start to get sick. Although there are no medical answers for what appears to be healthy kids, they are unable to get out of bed. This follows Zach even when he goes back to London. He eventually is sent to America to live with his cousin Charlotte, but it seems to have followed him there as well. After reading this book it wasn’t as action packed as Percy Jackson but I still enjoyed reading it.

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