The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

I am a big fan of Anne Rice, and going into this book I was hoping it was as good as her Vampire Chronicle books. After reading over nine hundred pages, it was well worth the time it took to read and maybe as good as the Vampire Chronicles. The story takes place with a family in New Orleans, the Mayfairs. They are rich beyond imagination and have been for countless generations. This is because of a mysterious man that hangs around their mansion in the garden district of New Orleans. Their history is then told by a secret organization, the Talamasca, whose sole purpose is to learn and watch the mysterious things all over the world. They have countless files on the Mayfairs and share them with the two main characters of the book, Michael and Rowan. Rowan was born into the Mayfair family but was sent away from the madness that occurred regularly. Michael grew up in the area but on the poor side of town. These two meet in California where Rowan saves Michael’s life, pulling him out of the ocean and reviving him. This is where the story takes off and the two characters really start to know each other and begin to learn about the Mayfair legacy. This was a really good book. Even though it is incredibly long I could not seem to stop reading it whenever I got a chance. If you are a fan of Anne Rice then you will not be disappointed.

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