The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

Elizabeth is not the popular kid at school or even noticed for that matter, and her home isn’t any better. She has to share her Dad, whom she doesn’t see that often, with her step mother and step sisters, so she seems to just be unhappy in general; until one day when she gives a homeless woman her shoes and is offered a job by her teacher for a repository in town. This repository, though, is no ordinary place just to store things. It houses priceless items that also include magical items from the stories of the Grimm Brothers, along with other unbelievable things from myths and legends. Elizabeth finds out that there have been several cases of theft and hears of a story about a giant bird that keeps attacking patrons and the repository staff. It then becomes the job of Elizabeth and her coworkers to track down the items and find a newly missing staff member. This book started out pretty good. Reading about the different items in the Grimm collection and then looking them up to find that they were really in the original stories was cool. The climax and ending to the story, however, became pretty predictable and led me to just want to finish up the book.

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