Hero by Perry Moore

Several years ago I found this book online and never got a chance to read it since I was still in school. After seeing it one day and ordering it for the library, and now after reading, I’m glad I did. This is the story of Thom. Thom is raised by his dad who was once the world’s greatest superhero, Major Might. For Thom, though, he has never seen that side of his dad since a turn of events has made everyone hate his dad. His mom is nowhere to be seen and has been gone for several years. Thom’s world begins to change when playing for his high school basketball team. On a hot streak and scoring the most points he has ever scored before, there is a heated moment with one of the other players. An incident occurs where the opposing team’s player breaks his leg; so Thom, for some reason, places his hands on the leg that is broken and begins to feel a hot sensation on his hands. Thom heals the boy’s leg before anyone sees it. At the end of the game he is then pointed out as the “gay guy” by the opposing team. This is what Thom has to deal with mostly through the book. Even starting out as a superhero with the team in town he still has to deal with instances where people question his sexuality. There are a series of highs and extreme lows for Thom, but he has to figure them out if he wants to become the superhero he has always wanted to be.

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