Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This book is set in a near future where the planet is heading for a decline. With wars raging, famine, and disease; people escape this grim reality by plugging into the OASIS. This is an advance computer and gaming system wrapped in one that is now used by everyone on the planet. The inventor of this system has been dead for five years. In his passing he issued a contest, one that if you were to find the three keys you would inherit the vast fortune acquired by the creator of the OASIS system. This is where the book picks up: five years after the contest began and with no one having any luck with the clues – until Wade Wilson, or Parzival, his online screen name. Wade is the first to win the first copper key and now everyone is back in gear trying to find the copper key and the remaining jade and crystal keys. This was a really good read. I haven’t seen any other books with this type of story. I was not disappointed.

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