“Sold” by Patricia McCormick is a tale of a young girl from Nepal, who, because of her bum stepfather, is sold by her family to an “auntie” from the city.  This “auntie” is thought to be taking the young Lakshmi to a rich lady in the city, for whom she will work for so that she can send her wages home to her family, and return after enough money is earned.  It turns out that this “rich lady” does not exist.  Lakshmi only realizes what has happened to her after she arrives at a brothel, is locked in a room, starved, drugged, and taken advantage of.  The reader goes on Lakshmi’s mentally exhausting journey with her, and learns the mindset of a young girl thrown into the bottomless pit of prostitution and unpayable debt.  This story challenges the reader to expand his mind to a world we Americans try not to think about:  a world where one meal a day is normal, a tin roof is luxury, and men are all but worshipped.  I highly recommend this book to anyone, young or old, educated or otherwise.   You would think that this story would be depressing, but it’s really just eye-opening.

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