“Cut” by Patricia McCormick is about a girl who ends up in the “loony bin” after being discovered as a cutter.  It’s hard to say anything about the book without giving away the whole plot.  The book is written from an odd perspective.  It’s in the first person, but when the main character, Callie, refers to her therapist, she says “you” as if she is telling this story to the therapist.    The reader gets to know each of the “guests” (patients) in Callie’s wing, their quirks, their issues, and how Callie finally starts to respond to her surroundings and her own issues.  The end leaves the reader hanging a little, only with the implication that things have a chance of turning out fine for Callie.  I could identify with these teenage girls that have “behavioral” issues, eating disorders, and addictions, so this was a read that I connected with.  However, to a reader who has never dealt with these teenage issues, this read may seem a lot like reading a National Geographic about a different culture of people.

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