The Historian

I have just finished the book entitled The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and it is by far the longest book I have ever read.  Overall I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a mystery novel that deals with the historical Dracula.  This story begins with a young lady looking through her father’s library who is a historian. She discovers some mysterious document that tells of one Professor Rossi going in search of Vlad the Impaler.  Reading through this document the narrator, the young lady, asks her father about them.  At first he is reluctant to share anything about them with her; after a while, though, he goes into detail about how he received these letters and how his own life was changed in his younger years while attending college at Oxford.

It began for her father when he finds a mysterious book in the college library that does not appear to belong there.  The only marking in the book is a dragon.  He shows this book to his adviser Professor Rossi, who, as it turns out, has a copy of the same odd book, and he had found out the dragon was the symbol for the Order of the Dragon, a group that Dracula once belonged to.  Professor Rossi gives Paul the research, and then mysteriously disappears.  Afterwards this starts Paul’s journey to find his missing professor; along the way he meets Professor Rossi’s long lost daughter, Helen Rossi, who is a student at the university doing research on Dracula and Transylvanian folklore to outdo her father’s research.  They then encounter a mysterious librarian who attacks Helen and bites her on the neck.  They travel all over Eastern Europe to where Dracula once lived and to Istanbul, anywhere they could find clues to find the whereabouts of the real Dracula.

After explaining all of this to his daughter, Paul once again sets out to find Dracula.  His daughter follows suit.  I really enjoyed this book but I was somewhat disappointed with the ending.

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