Batman and Robin, Batman Reborn

After reading Batman and Robin, Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison and art by Frank Quietly and Philip Tan, I was really disappointed by the storyline and the art in the beginning of the comic.  In the first few issues of the comic the art is almost grimy looking, and Batman’s costume always seems to be wrinkled. It actually reminds me of Big Daddy from the Kick Ass movie.  Midway through the graphic novel the art changes to crisper drawings and the coloring is better, also, giving it a cleaner look.  The other thing I didn’t like about this graphic novel was the story.  Bruce Wayne is gone and Dick Grayson who was Nightwing is taking the role of Batman.  Throughout the comic it becomes tiring – Dick Grayson’s comments on how he isn’t as good as Bruce Wayne was at being Batman, and how Damien, Bruce’s son and now the new Robin, do nothing but argue with Dick Grayson.  Also, the villain in the story was someone I have never heard of before. When I think of Batman and Robin I think of some of the bigger villains of Gotham City, not some guy named Pyg.  Overall I was not that impressed by the book. I am a diehard Batman fan but without Bruce Wayne it is just not Batman!

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