Mortal Coils

“Mortal Coils” was easily one of the top five books that I have ever read.  Eric Nylund does a really good job on keeping the reader guessing about what is going to happen next.  The story starts with the two main characters, Elliot and Fiona who are brother and sister that live with their grandmother and great grandmother.  Elliot and Fiona are under the assumption that their parents died when they were little and that their grandmother took them in.  They are both home schooled and follow the strictest of rules set by their grandmother – this list consists of over a hundred different rules.  They are then visited by a man who mentions relatives that Elliot and Fiona have no idea about but the grandmother clearly does, this is the beginning of Elliot and Fiona’s journey that turns everything they thought was true upside down.  Fiona and Elliot are tested by three trials to see if they belong with this new family that isn’t your average, normal family.  If Elliot and Fiona fail only one of the tests they are punished by death.  This is one of the best stories I have ever read, not at one point did I ever felt that the story was lacking something.  I highly recommend to anyone that likes stories that deal with gods and demons.

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