“Get Lucky” by Katherine Center

I liked this book because it’s realistic.  The things in this book could very easily happen to anyone.  This is another read that I couldn’t stop reading.  All of us, or most of us, have ruined something in our lives via something we put on the Internet, or something we emailed to someone.  The main character of this story had an “epiphany” or rather, a burst of inspiration, or stupidity, and sent out an inappropriate email to the entire company.  She then proceeded to get fired as a result (she had been on her way to being top dog at an advertising firm).  It was Thanksgiving anyway, so she went home to Texas (she worked in NYC) and, long story short, ended up crushing on a high school boyfriend she cruelly dumped a decade before, pregnant (not by him-plot twist!!), and practicing screaming obscenities with her father’s crazy but lovable fiancee.  It is through all this that she finds her passions in life, and her life is changed for the better.  I definitely recommend this book to any slightly clumsy, quirky, somewhat damaged girl that needs someone to relate to.

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