The Sea of Monsters

I have just finished part two of Rick Riordan’s series with Percy Jackson entitled The Sea of Monsters. The book picks up where the Lightning Thief ended. It is now a year later and Percy is about to finish school and return to camp Half-blood for the summer when on the last day of school something weird occurs while playing dodge ball. While playing with his new friend Tyson, who is massive for his age, the two ran into some problems that end up leaving the school’s gymnasium ruined. Back at camp Half-blood something troubling has taken place. The tree at the entrance of the camp has been poisoned and is weakening the protection for the camp, leaving the camp free to invasion by monsters. Now it is up to someone to go on a quest to retrieve a golden fleece to restore the tree and to help strengthen the magical barrier of the camp. I really enjoyed this book and found that it was a really quick read. I am now dying to read part three of the series due to the cliff hanger that was the ending of The Sea of Monsters. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the first book, or anyone who likes Greek mythology.

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