Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The second book of the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, is a very good read and may have been just as good as the first one. The story picks up months after Katniss and Peeta return from the Games and are now living their lives in the victor’s village. Katniss is unaware that her actions in the games have inspired a massive uprising from several of the districts, and unknowingly has become the symbol for these riots. After hearing of the riots that have taken place, Katniss is unsure what to do. She plans on escaping the district altogether then decides to stay. The story really takes off when the contestants for the new games are announced with an unprecedented event. Winners from previous games are drawn randomly to once again go back into the Games. Of course Katniss is elected and must go back. This was a really quick read and a must read if you have read the first one.


The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

Elizabeth is not the popular kid at school or even noticed for that matter, and her home isn’t any better. She has to share her Dad, whom she doesn’t see that often, with her step mother and step sisters, so she seems to just be unhappy in general; until one day when she gives a homeless woman her shoes and is offered a job by her teacher for a repository in town. This repository, though, is no ordinary place just to store things. It houses priceless items that also include magical items from the stories of the Grimm Brothers, along with other unbelievable things from myths and legends. Elizabeth finds out that there have been several cases of theft and hears of a story about a giant bird that keeps attacking patrons and the repository staff. It then becomes the job of Elizabeth and her coworkers to track down the items and find a newly missing staff member. This book started out pretty good. Reading about the different items in the Grimm collection and then looking them up to find that they were really in the original stories was cool. The climax and ending to the story, however, became pretty predictable and led me to just want to finish up the book.


Wayne of Gotham a Novel by Tracy Hickman

Wayne of Gotham is the first actual novel I have read that is about Batman. I found it to be a very good read and may even prefer it over conventional comic books or graphic novels. The story takes place later in Batman’s career. He is now older and needs a high tech bat suit that allows him to fight crime. The storyline follows both Batman/Bruce Wayne and his father, Thomas Wayne. Bruce has always seen his father as the perfect man; however, recent developments have shown Bruce that there may have been more to Thomas Wayne than he would have ever imagined. If you are a Batman fan then you will find this hard to put down. This gives a lot of back story that I have never read about Thomas and Martha Wayne.


The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

I am a big fan of Anne Rice, and going into this book I was hoping it was as good as her Vampire Chronicle books. After reading over nine hundred pages, it was well worth the time it took to read and maybe as good as the Vampire Chronicles. The story takes place with a family in New Orleans, the Mayfairs. They are rich beyond imagination and have been for countless generations. This is because of a mysterious man that hangs around their mansion in the garden district of New Orleans. Their history is then told by a secret organization, the Talamasca, whose sole purpose is to learn and watch the mysterious things all over the world. They have countless files on the Mayfairs and share them with the two main characters of the book, Michael and Rowan. Rowan was born into the Mayfair family but was sent away from the madness that occurred regularly. Michael grew up in the area but on the poor side of town. These two meet in California where Rowan saves Michael’s life, pulling him out of the ocean and reviving him. This is where the story takes off and the two characters really start to know each other and begin to learn about the Mayfair legacy. This was a really good book. Even though it is incredibly long I could not seem to stop reading it whenever I got a chance. If you are a fan of Anne Rice then you will not be disappointed.


The Magician (The Secrets of The Immortal Nichola Flamel) By Michael Scott

This is the second book of the Nicholas Flamel series and I was not disappointed.  The twins, Sophie and Josh, are still being hunted by Dr. John Dee and are still trying to awaken Josh’s hidden powers.  They are now in Paris trying to find any type of help they can while trying to keep the remaining two pages of the codex out of the hands of the Dark Elders.  They are constantly on the lookout for evil gods and monsters while questioning Nicholas Flamels motives, and searching for Nicholas’s wife Perenelle.  This is a really great series.  I love how the author draws popular characters out of the different mythologies and legends of the world.


The Alchemyst (The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel) by Michael Scott

Sophie and Josh Newman are twins who work down the same street for their summer jobs. Sophie works at the coffee shop while Josh works at the book store owned by Nicholas Flamel. Everything is going smoothly until a Dr. John Dee shows up and starts to destroy the book store looking for a lost codex that Nicholas is in possession of. This is when Josh and Sophie’s world is turned upside down, learning that magic is real, the mythologies of the world are real, and they are mentioned in the book as the twins that can either save the world or destroy it. This leads the twins in an adventure were they encounter mythical beasts and people that were only thought of as stories, while trying to avoid Dr. John Dee who is serving the Dark Elders set on destroying the world. This was a really, really good book. I am a big fan of mythology and did not know that this book would even have the different gods of mythology, so it made it that much better. Anyone who likes Percy Jackson or similar titles is sure to enjoy this book.


The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu

This book I actually bought instead of picking it up from the library and I was not disappointed afterwards. I was looking for a Percy Jackson type and this fits pretty good with the Greek god adventure books. The story follows two main characters, Charlotte and Zach. They happen to be cousins. Charlotte is from the United States and Zach is from London were every summer he visits with his Grandmother Winter. Grandmother Winter happens to see flashes of the future and knows that she will die soon and that her grandchild Zach will be in danger. After Grandmother Winter’s death Zach starts to notice that most of his friends start to get sick. Although there are no medical answers for what appears to be healthy kids, they are unable to get out of bed. This follows Zach even when he goes back to London. He eventually is sent to America to live with his cousin Charlotte, but it seems to have followed him there as well. After reading this book it wasn’t as action packed as Percy Jackson but I still enjoyed reading it.


Jane Vows Vengeance By Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Vows Vengeance is the third book of the series and has not let me down compared to the past two. The storyline was quite a bit different from the previous two. Jane and her fiancé, Walter, are finally getting married. There is one problem, though: Walter has no idea that Jane is a vampire or that his mother is a vampire hunter. Jane and Walter, along with his mother and their friends, travel to Europe for Jane and Walter’s wedding, thinking it will be fun and uneventful. As the book goes on, though, you know that this will not be the case, along with worrying about “Our Gloomy Friend”. Jane also runs into some ghosts; and learned about a mysterious artifact that could very well return her human soul causing her to become human again; which would mean not having to tell Walter that she is a vampire. This is a very quick read for anyone who likes vampire novels.


The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

After being a fan of Anne Rice for a long time, I just finished one of her newer novels that just came out, The Wolf Gift. I really enjoyed this book; this was one of the best werewolf novels that I have ever read and loved everything from the storyline to the characters. The main character is Reuben. Rueben is on assignment for his newspaper to write an article about the Nideck House. This mansion is on the edge of a cliff and its previous owner has mysteriously been missing for the past twenty years. The owner is now Marchent, who is the niece of the missing owner. Reuben meets Marchent and immediately they take a liking to each other. Rueben stays the night so that he can see everything for his report. When awakening hours later from a noise, he finds Marchent’s brothers attacking her and then him. He is then stabbed but is saved by some beast that kills both brothers and bites Reuben. This is the start of the journey that leads Reuben to discover that he now has the wolf gift and must keep it a secret and learn how to live with it. If you enjoyed any other of Anne Rice’s novels then you’re sure to love this one.


The Throne of Fire By Rick Riordan

In the second book of the Kane Chronicles, Carter and Sadie are still following the path of the gods and teaching these ways to other young magicians.  Learning that Apophis, the chaos snake god, is about to escape his prison they must go and try to revive the once powerful sun god Ra.  They have to go through many challenges to reach Ra, while finding help along the way like the Egyptian dwarf god Babi.  I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes Riordan’s previous work like the Percy Jackson series.

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