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LIC Reservation Requests

Faculty and staff may use this form to request use of the LIC room when no instruction by library staff is required. If instruction is required, use the instruction form.

  • Please use the "Tab" key to move through the fields; pressing "Enter" (the return key) will submit an incomplete form
  • Please complete a separate form for each class.
  • Dates are not guaranteed until confirmed by Reference staff.
  • Arrangements should be made at least 1 week in advance.
  • You are required to stay with your class or group during the use of the room.
  • If you have questions, please call the reference desk at 910-630-7123 or email to

Instructor's First name*:
Instructor's Last name*:
Daytime Phone Number*:
Email address:
Course name*:
Course Number (e.g. ENG 10101)*:
Number of students*:
Date of 1st preference*:
Time of 1st preference
(include start and finish times)*:
Date of 2nd preference*:
Time of 2nd preference
(include start and finish times):
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Purpose for using room

give computer based exam

teach with students/group doing hands-on computer work

student presentations


other (explain)


Which services are required (check all that apply)

instructor's work station
                 (library login or your own campus login )

workstations (30 available)

overhead computer projector

instructor bringing laptop (campus networking and wifi available).

other (specify):

Conditions of use:

  • Do not unplug equipment in room. Connect a laptop to the overhead projector via the wall socket. (See instructions in room.)
  • Do not load software on the instructor's station.