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Reserve Services

Please provide the following information about your reserve item(s). Keep in mind that photocopied items cannot be placed on reserve for more than one semester without paying royalties to the owner of the copyright (following American Reserve Guidelines and Copyright law). It is up to the instructor to arrange for the payment of royalties. At the end of the semester, reserve items will be returned to the instructor or collection. Personal copies will receive a security strip.

Instructor's First name*:
Instructor's Last name*:
Instructor's Phone Number*:
Course name*:
Course Number (e.g. ENG 101)*:
Beginning Date of Reserve:
End Date of Reserve:
Will this course be taught again?
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When will this course be taught again?
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Title (exactly as you will give it to your students) Type of Item Number of Copies

Type of Reserve:

 Three-day checkout
 Closed Reserve (to remain in the library)
Overnight checkout

Once the item is taken off reserve it should be:

 Returned to the instructor
 Returned to the Library's collection