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Creating Durable URL's in Blackboard

Articles from electronic databases can be used in Blackboard coursework. Due to licensing agreements, these articles can only be provided as direct links to the material. The article itself cannot be posted in Blackboard. Instructors who wish to provide articles from the databases as part of their coursework without having to make the student search for the material can use the persistent link (a.k.a. durable URL) of the article to provide direct access to it. Do NOT use the URL in the locator as that address has a session ID and typically expires within 24 hours. The persistent link permits the student to access the article without having to search or find the database. Persistent links vary depending upon the database vendor. Below are examples of how to obtain durable URLs from two vendors, EBSCO and ProQuest.

Here is an example from ProQuest Research Library. You are interested in providing the article below for your students but do not wish to cut and paste or make the student search for the article. Scroll to the bottom of the article's page and copy the link from the Document URL field. Inside the upper portion of the article with the citation information is the persistent link ("Persistent Link to this Record"):

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