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netLibrary gives readers access to over 22,000 (and growing) ebooks on a variety of subjects, including novels, text books and technical titles. Users can check out these ebooks for four hours and read these items online or copy/print (one page at a time - the whole document cannot be printed as it would violate copyright laws). Advantages of ebook include searchable text and printable pages.

Note: In order to use netLibrary eBooks, you must create your own personal account from a computer in the Davis Memorial Library or on campus. Then you can use your account from any location.

Creating an eBook account Logging in Searching for an eBook Browsing an eBook Checking out an eBook My Favorites Bookmarking a page Adding Notes Printing and Copying Dictionary Logging Out

Creating an eBook account

1) Go to 'netLibrary' database from the library page (or

Create account screen

3) Enter your identifying information (user name, password, email address).
4) Select the Submit button.

Logging in

1) Each time you wish to check out an eBook or access it remotely, you must first log in.

Log in screen

4) You now have access to all eBooks available through this library from netLibrary.

Searching for an eBook

Keyword Search (top right hand corner)

You can search for a word or phrase in the title, author, Library of Congress subject heading, publisher, and ISBN fields. See Search Tips for examples and tips for searching.

Keyword Search screen

3) Click on a title (if your search is successful) and either browse or checkout the eBook.

'Search this eBook Collection' (Advanced Search)

Advanced search screen

3) Browse the eBook.

Results screen

or checkout the eBook.

Browsing an eBook

You may browse an eBook without logging in. Browsing an eBook is the equivalent of taking a book off the shelf and looking through it. While you are actively using it, no other user will have access to it. If 15 minutes elapses without active use, the eBook is "put back on the shelf" and another user will be able to have access.
  1. Search for an eBook.
  2. Select the eBook title from your search results list. The eBook Summary page is displayed.
  3. Select the Browse this eBook Online link. The eBook is displayed (see below).

Browse a book screen

Checking out an eBook

To check out an eBook, you must log in. Checking out an eBook gives you exclusive use of the eBook for the checkout period of 4 hours. The eBook is automatically returned when the checkout period expires.
  1. Search for an eBook.
  2. Click on the eBook title in your search results to display the eBook Summary page.
  3. Click the 'Check Out and Read Online' link. This option automatically checks out the title and places it on your eBookshelf (below).

Checkout screen

My Favorites

You can add titles to My Favorites, a stored list that allows you to access titles at a later time without doing another search.
1) Log in, browse or checkout an eBook.

My Favorites screen

Bookmarking a page from within an eBook

To ADD a Bookmark

You can create a 'bookmark' from an opened eBook so you can go back to that page later.

  1. Click on the Bookmark button button located at the top of the page.
  2. A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Enter a Bookmark description (or keep with default page number).
  3. Click on the Save button.
  4. A prompting message appears, indicating that you have successfully Bookmarked this page. To finish, click on the Close window button.

To OPEN a Bookmark

Once you have created bookmarks, you can access your Bookmarked pages (you must log in):

Bookmarks screenshot


3) This takes you to your bookmarked page. Continue reading the eBook (or print etc).

Adding Notes to a Page within an eBook

To ADD a Note

You can annotate any page of the eBook and save your notes for future reference within an opened eBook.
  1. Click on the Add Note button button located at the top of the page.
  2. A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Enter a name for the Note.
  3. Type your notes (to a maximum of 1000 characters).
  4. Click on the Save button.
  5. A prompting message appears, indicating that you have successfully saved your notes. To finish, click on the Close window button.

To OPEN a Note

Once you have created and saved Notes, you can then access them by:

Notes screen

Open a Note screen

Note: If the following message appears:
"Your library's copies of this eBook are currently in use and are unavailable for browsing or checkout." Try accessing your note later, as someone else has checked that book out.

Printing and Copying

When reading an eBook online you may print or copy one page at a time by using your browser's Print or Copy functions. Although you can print parts of an eBook, printing an entire eBook violates copyright laws.
1) Browse or Checkout an eBook.

Print or Copy pages

Using the Dictionary within an eBook

While reading an eBook you can double-click a word, and the definition appears in the Dictionary Tab of the tool palette (you can also click the Dictionary Tab of the tool palette and type in a word).

Dictionary screen

Logging Out

Log out screen

For further help go to netLibrary's Customer Support Center.

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