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Typical M.Ed. Schedule (Special Education Concentration)

Summer I
Term 2
EDU 6000 Leadership in 21st Century (3 s.h.)

Term 3
EDU 6100 Instructional Technology (3 s.h.)

Fall Hybrid
EDU 6200 Educational Research (3 s.h.)
EDU 6300 Trends and Issues (3 s.h.)

Spring I Hybrid
EDU 6600 Literacy Methods in Special Education (3 s.h.)

Summer II
Term 2
EDU 6610 Diagnosis and Assessment of Reading/Math Difficulties (3 s.h.)
EDU 6620 Special Education: Legal, Ethical, and Historical Perspectives (3 s.h.)

Term 3
EDU 6250 Use of Educational Assessment and Evaluation (3 s.h.)
EDU 6630 Curriculum Assessment and Planning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (3 s.h.)

Fall II Hybrid
EDU 6350 Multicultural Education (3 s.h.)
EDU 6640 Teaching and Learning Strategies for Exceptional Children (3 s.h.)

Spring II
EDU 6990 Capstone (3 s.h.)

18 semester hours of core courses
18 semester hours of concentration
Total of 36 hours