Moravian Love Feast & Candle Service


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Hensdale Chapel


Rev. Kelli Taylor
(910) 630-7515


A reply for number attending is appreciated, but not required, to by Friday, December 8.

What is The Lovefeast?

As the early Christians met and broke bread together in token of their fellowship and love, so the members of the Moravian Church family make it a custom to celebrate spiritual occasions by sharing with friends a simple meal called a Lovefeast. Food and drink for the Lovefeast vary with the nationality and location of the congregation. The first Moravian Lovefeast occurred in Bertheisdorf, Germany in 1727. The Lovefeast is a translation of the Greek word “Agape”, given by Christians after Pentecost to similar gatherings. The Lovefeast, where the symbolism is that of Christians sharing with one another, is not a substitute for the Holy Communion, where the teaching is that God shares with man. The Lovefeast strengthens the spirit of unity and good will among people. It removes, at least for an hour, all social barriers and distinctions. In the service is joy, dignified by reverence. You are asked to partake of the lovefeast in the belief that Christ is now beside you and your neighbor. Covenant with Him and receive a new Christ, who is the light of the world, the bright and morning star, and resolve to hold aloft your own light, given to God, and carry that light into the world.


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