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Model United Nations Online Registration Form

Use the form below to electronically register for the 2007 Methodist University HMUN conference.

Contact Information

School Name

Mailing Address

Faculty Advisor

E-mail Address

Phone Number

Fax Number

Internet Address (if applicable)

Other Contact Information

Committee Registration

The conference will host the following five committees. For additional information on these committees, please click the <info link> associated with each committee for additional information on the United Nations web site.

School can represent as many countries as they choose. However, each school should attempt to staff all five committees. For example, if your school delegation consists of 25 students and you assign one student per committee, then your school could represent up to 5 countries. If you assign two students per committee, then your school could represent up to 3 countries. There can be no more than two students per committee. In the event, two schools choose the same country; a lottery method will be used to assign the country. Please rank order your top five country choices below. A listing of countries is available at the following link: United Nations’ Member States

1st Country Choice

2nd Country Choice

3rd Country Choice

4th Country Choice

5th Country Choice

Committee Chairs

Each committee will be chaired by a student delegate. If a student at your school wants to serve as a committee chair or vice-chair, please list their name below and committee choice. Students will elect a committee chair and vice-chair during the 1st committee session.

Select a Committee…

Select a Committee…

Select a Committee…

Select a Committee…

Select a Committee…

Delegate Registration

How many student delegates will attend the conference?

Below, enter the name of the student delegate and the committee they will serve on. No more than two delegates can serve on the same committee. If you are assigning two students per committee, list each student separately, but choose the same committee.

Student Name Select a Committee

Conference Fees, Accommodations, and Dining

Will your student delegation need over night accommodations? Yes No

If you will need accommodations, how many students will need rooms?

How many female students will be in your delegation?

How many male students will be in your delegation?

Listed below is the fee structure for the conference

There is a $30.00 school registration fee and a $15.00 per student fee. Fees are due by Friday April 27. Please make checks payable to the Methodist University MUN.

Overnight accommodations are available in the Pearce and West Dorm Halls. The rate is $11.50 per student/per night. Please see the following web address for additional information:

Campus dining facilities will be available: Breakfast is $4.50, lunch is $6.00, and dinner is $7.50.