Student Spotlights

Student Spotlights

Amanda AllredAmanda Allred

Amanda is a music education major from Pennsylvania. She chose to come to Methodist because of how welcoming and friendly she found the professors during her official visit. About Methodist, Amanda says,

MU is a small school. You will never feel like one of thousands. The professors all know you personally and are there for you if you need it. Even the president of the university knows us personally. He and his wife show up to everything that this music department does.

Amanda loves that she is provided with multiple opportunities to perform:

Each time I perform, I become better at my craft and more confident. Here at Methodist, students get many opportunities to perform, and I am so grateful for that.

She also feels lucky to have the attention of her professors:

Because the professors know me as a person, they know my strengths and help me to thrive. They not only tell me what I can improve on, but they also tell me what I’m doing right. It’s important to hear that when you are working very hard.

We asked Amanda why MU Music was the right choice for her. She told us:

I love this music program. It is small which was a good choice for me because I enjoy the tight knit relationships that are formed between students and professors. The best part about this music program is the other music students. Music majors here are like a family. There is no extreme competitiveness amongst us musicians. We are all different, and we all root for each other. I love watching my friends perform, and they are always there to support me. I have made lifelong best friends through studying music at this school.

Jamario CovingtonJamario Covington

Jamario is a senior music education major from Fayetteville, NC. When we asked him why he chose MU Music, he said:

I chose to attend Methodist University because when I was a sophomore in high school, I began taking trumpet lessons from Dr. Wells, and all of the content and pedagogical knowledge had been so beneficial to my trumpet playing, I felt that it was only right for me to keep learning from Dr. Wells as a Methodist University Student. Also, I felt that the rest of the music department staff was going to set me up for high success throughout my time as a student at Methodist University with the things that they had to offer as well.

He loves the way the the professors advise him for both college and his future:

Faculty advising has been helpful to my strengths and as a person. As the music faculty has gotten to know me throughout my time at Methodist University, they now know what my strengths and weaknesses are as a musician and as a person. With the things that they know, they are willing to give me extra tools that can help enhance my strengths even more and turn my weaknesses into strengths.

He added,

The MU Department of Music was the right choice for me because I have faculty members that can see that I am willing to work hard, and in reward, I have been given outstanding and beneficial tools that will continue to help me move forward in my musical career.

Emily BledsoeEmily Bledsoe

Emily is a from Hope Mills, NC and is majoring in Music Education with a concentration in Voice. She loves college and believes that MU Music was the right choice for her:

It provides me with opportunities and a great pool of students who are supportive and encouraging. My friends in the music department are fantastic and I am confident that the relationship I have with my friends helps us all to grow as musicians. The faculty at MU also has been a key point to my experience here because there are no other schools where the entire music faculty cares about each student the way they do at MU.

She truly enjoys her classes and, about her teachers, Emily says,

The professors all engage music students daily in the classroom, lessons, and hallways. The professors are consistent in their interest for each students’ progress, and well-being.

Emily is excited about her future, and feels prepared for it from her time at Methodist. She says,

My experience at MU has helped me to develop my goals and has given me the tools I need to succeed as a professional musician.

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