Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award Winners

1980: Garland Knott
1981: Alan Porter
1982: Gene Clayton
1984: Bruce Pullium
1985: Sam Womack
1986: Ted Jaeger
1988: Sue L. Kimball
1989: J. Elaine Porter
1990: Robert S. Christian
1991: John Sill
1992: Anthony J. DeLapa
1993: Jack Peyrouse
1994: R. Parker Wilson
1995: Tryon D. Lancaster
1996: Joy Cogswell, Margaret Folsom
1999: J. Michael Rogers
2000: T. Jerry Hogge
2001: Walter M. Swing
2002: Wilford R. Saunders
2003: Theresa P. Clark
2004: Michael Sinkovitz
2005: William Lowdermilk
2006: Jane Weeks Gardiner
2007: Bob McEvoy
2008: Sid Gautam
2009: Ron Foster
2010: Gerri Williams
2011: Doris Jackson
2012: Tom Austin, DeeDee Jarman
2013: Lynn Gruber Clark '72, Dr. Delmas Crisp, Rev. Dr. Mike Safley '72
2014: William H. Walker
2015: Sandy Combs
2016: Wendy Vonnegut
2017: George Hendricks (faculty), Rick Lowe (staff)



"The Story of the Exodus" Exhibition

“The Story of The Exodus,” a series of 24 lithographs by Marc Chagall, will be on display at the David McCune International Art Gallery at Methodist...

MU Theatre presents "Side by Side by Sondheim"

Side by Side by Sondheim is a musical revue featuring the songs of the Broadway and film composer Stephen Sondheim.


Foreign Film Series: "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

In conjunction with the Marc Chagall Exhibit at the David McCune International Art Gallery, we present a silent Gothic horror film considered to be the...