Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award Winners

1980: Garland Knott
1981: Alan Porter
1982: Gene Clayton
1984: Bruce Pullium
1985: Sam Womack
1986: Ted Jaeger
1988: Sue L. Kimball
1989: J. Elaine Porter
1990: Robert S. Christian
1991: John Sill
1992: Anthony J. DeLapa
1993: Jack Peyrouse
1994: R. Parker Wilson
1995: Tryon D. Lancaster
1996: Joy Cogswell, Margaret Folsom
1999: J. Michael Rogers
2000: T. Jerry Hogge
2001: Walter M. Swing
2002: Wilford R. Saunders
2003: Theresa P. Clark
2004: Michael Sinkovitz
2005: William Lowdermilk
2006: Jane Weeks Gardiner
2007: Bob McEvoy
2008: Sid Gautam
2009: Ron Foster
2010: Gerri Williams
2011: Doris Jackson
2012: Tom Austin, DeeDee Jarman
2013: Lynn Gruber Clark '72, Dr. Delmas Crisp, Rev. Dr. Mike Safley '72
2014: William H. Walker
2015: Sandy Combs
2016: Wendy Vonnegut



Graduate Commencement Ceremony

The Winter Commencement Ceremony for students in Methodist University Graduate Programs.

Baccalaureate Service

Prior to graduation, a Baccalaureate Service will take place at 10:30 a.m. in Huff Concert Hall, where Dr. James Howell will deliver the baccalaureate...


This is the undergraduate Winter Commencement ceremony.

Admission by ticket only until 1:55 p.m.

View the Graduation Webcast here!...