About Physician Assistant Studies

About Physician Assistant Studies

Vision Statement

For our graduates to enhance the quality of the lives they touch and to help alleviate healthcare disparities in our nation and the world.

Mission Statement

To develop competent clinicians within a supportive, engaging, culturally diverse environment which fosters spiritual, academic and social growth.  Our graduates will become integrated into communities striving for excellence in healthcare through compassion, professionalism, and lifelong learning.


Program Goals

Assessment Method



A) Upon graduation, Methodist PA students will demonstrate the medical knowledge to effectively evaluate, treat and manage patients

PA National Certifying Exam (PANCE)

Target: Above the national average pass rate

Five year Methodist pass rate = 97%, national average = 93%

B) Upon graduation, Methodist PA students will demonstrate the clinical skills necessary for practice, including effective history taking, physical exams and basic medical procedural skills

Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE)

Target: 100% pass rate

Class of 2015 pass rate = 100%

C) Upon graduation, Methodist PA students will demonstrate professional communication and behavior towards their patients and other medical professionals

Preceptor evaluation of students

Target: 100% of all students score an average of > 2.5/4 by final 3 preceptors

Average score of all students = 3.9/4 and no student scored below the minimal competency set at 2.5/4

D) Upon graduation, Methodist PA students will gain employment in clinical practice

Graduate survey

Target: 100% of certified graduates are gainfully employed* within 6 months

94% of class of 2014 had offers at graduation.  100% of class employed within 6 months.

E) Methodist PA program will recruit highly qualified and diverse students

CASPA application

Threshold: at least maintain class URM numbers at 15% and SDB numbers at 40%. **

Target: by 2020 to have increased each cohort’s URM and/or SDB by 5%

Class of 2017 URM maintained at 15%. Class of 2017 SDB increased from 35% to 40%.

F) Methodist PA program will retain academically competent students throughout the program

Direct measure

Academic related attrition rates will be less than 6% per cohort

Average attrition 2013 to 2016 = 3.75% (1.5 students)

* Includes employment, post-graduate fellowship/education or non-employment by choice
** URM = under-represented minority, SDB = socioeconomically disadvantaged background


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