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Student Testimonials


Tiffany Mills
Tiffany Mills
Tiffany Mills
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Victoria Locklear
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Aaron Manshaem
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Cassandra Montoya
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David Renan
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Anastasia Renz
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Khaddija Sanyang
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Cleatus Steele
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Andrea Sumner
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Iaan Adams , PA-S

Class of 2015
Houston, TX
University of Houston

If you have spent at least five minutes researching Physician Assistants, then I am 100% positive you have stumbled across the word “flexibility” at least once. You have the freedom to specialize in practically any field of medicine you want, from family practice to oncology, and everything in between. PAs are the future of health care, and it is a beautiful thing to practice doing what you love while your profession is also in high demand. After applying to all the programs that interest you (a daunting task all on its own), and you have made it through the always intimidating interview process, only one question remains: How exactly do you choose the best PA program for you? This is your chance to decide your path to your destination, and you should want it to be a memorable one. Apart from the high first time PANCE pass rates, the cadaver lab, curriculum, and location, sometimes you just get that “feeling” when you know that something is right for you. The PA program at Methodist University gave me that feeling.

Location, location, location. In my opinion, location should always be a top priority in selecting the best program for you. I come from the fourth largest city in the country, and it was terrifying to think about moving across the country to attend graduate school. While I think coming from a high population area is a good thing, it may not always be the best learning environment for graduate school. The atmosphere here is perfect for an arduous journey such as PA school: not too many distractions, but still enough for the occasional get-away from the constant studying. The tour of the campus was definitely a mind-blowing experience. When I took a tour of the MUPAP facilities, its many features blew me away, including their state-of-the-art cadaver lab. There were many study rooms, clinical examination rooms, a kitchen, a beautiful lecture hall, and the offices of the faculty and staff were just steps away if you needed them. The landscaping was always maintained as well, making it a great place for relaxing (in our case, studying) outdoors. Believe me when I tell you that you have your work cut out for you, and you need your conditions to be as optimal as possible.

There’s a tremendous sense of family within this program. By the time of my interview with Methodist, I had already prepared myself for an interrogation. I was definitely surprised by how welcoming they were during the interview. The faculty and staff have been nothing short of phenomenal from my interview dates up until now. The faculty also has some of the best personalities that you will ever encounter. They are the most caring bunch of individuals that I have ever met in all of my years of education, and they genuinely want you to succeed. The majority of the faculty has either been through this very program before, or was here since the establishment of the program; as a result, they know exactly what we need to know to succeed in our future careers. There is such a wealth of medical knowledge to absorb that it is like drinking from a fire hose. Fortunately, the faculty knows how to break the information down into a more palatable form. They instruct, they practice, and most of all, they care. When you spend four to five years of your life being in a classroom of 200 or more students, you get used to the fact that the instructors don’t have much time to communicate with you on a personal level. As an undergrad, I can literally count on my fingers how many times I ever had a laidback conversation with instructors that included laughter and reassurance. Here, it seems so much more commonplace than anywhere else. The beauty of having small classes is that it allows the faculty to focus more on each individual student. It also encourages bonding between your classmates as well. I feel that I have made some lifelong friends during this journey. They encourage you to always put your best foot forward, and to trust that they will not let you falter.

All aesthetics aside, the Methodist PA program is a “what you see is what you get” type of program, and that attribute matches perfectly with the type of person that I am. This program breeds nothing short of top-notch PAs. Employers from hospitals and clinics nationwide know that Methodist’s PAs are some of the highest quality health care providers that they will ever hire, and that alone is enough for me to trust them with my education. You owe it to yourself to be an excellent PA, and with that final message, I will leave you with this famous quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

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Allie Baggstrom , PA-S

Class of 2015
Califon, NJ
North Carolina State University

I became aware of Methodist University’s Physician Assistant Program from graduates of the program. I worked at a local urgent care for two years after I graduated from NC State University. The PAs I worked with graduated from Methodist and were by far some of the best providers I had ever met. When applying to PA school I knew there were many excellent options in North Carolina, but I also felt strongly that MU’s program was my top choice. A school with a strong PANCE pass rate, encouraging mission statement, and faculty who were genuine and proud of their school made me even more excited to attend this program and become a Physician Assistant.

My interview experience solidified my excitement for the program. The faculty and staff greeted me with a warm welcome. There were senior students to keep me at ease during such a nervous experience. I was treated as a desirable applicant in their eyes, not just a number. While touring the campus I was impressed with the state of the art equipment and facilities this program had to offer. The cadaver lab and the amount of knowledge I would gain from the hands on experience was a huge deciding factor as well.

I could not be happier with my choice to attend MU’s program! The faculty and staff are not only impressive and knowledgeable teachers; they are also compassionate people. The program regularly brings in lecturers who are practicing providers that offer enlightening, current clinical perspectives. At Methodist, we embody what it means to be part of a team. We collaborate as classmates whose individual experiences come together to create a diverse learning environment.

I know the impressive qualities of the program will enable me to practice with the highest quality of care and confidence. I am now and will forever be proud to be a Methodist Monarch!

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Christopher Cain, PA-S

Class of 2014
Raeford, NC
Campbell University

There are several reasons why Methodist University's PA program became my first choice. The decision to attend PA school and work towards my future goals was not easy. I had invested 15 years in the US Army, a job that offered security and a reliable mean to support my family. Since I joined the Army I knew that I wanted to work in the health care field, but the thought of leaving the Army to attend school for 27 months was extremely difficult. I knew that in order to take this risk I would need the best program available. I needed a great education as well as a recognized school to ensure that I would be able to provide for my family in the long term. Taking a close look at Methodist University's PA program's pass rate for the national certification was reassuring. They have a high first time pass rate on the Physician Assistant National Certification Exam, making them one of the best programs in the nation.

When I attended Methodist the day of the interview, it quickly became clear this university would meet all my needs and the needs of my family. I was greeted my senior students who made me feel comfortable and actually prepared me for each of my interviews. They were able to make a stressful situation much easier. They talked to me about my life, future plans, and why I wanted to attend their PA program. In the interviews the instructors were well prepared with tough, but fair questions and able to answer my questions and concerns about attending their school. The interviews were not only about accepting me into their program, but also trying to prove that they were the ones that could be trusted to give me the education and skills to become a great PA.

If I could sum up Methodist University's PA program with one word it would be "family." The people here are always asking how you are doing, how the family is getting along, and if they can help me in any way possible. There is always a staff member available to talk to and they will go above and beyond to ensure our main focus is on becoming the best health care provider possible. The senior class members are willing to sit down and give advice on instructors and classes; sometimes they even help us with studying for exams. The instructors and senior class members are professional and easily seen as role models for the younger class to follow. I am confident that Methodist University's PA program was the best choice for me to realize my long-term goals and aspirations.

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Martina Fleming, PA-S

Class of 2015
Winterville, NC
East Carolina University

Methodist was not my first choice in PA programs..I know this is strange to read on the student testimonial page, but bear with me. I applied to six other schools in NC, but my mind was set on attending a school near my hometown. The idea of moving to a new city and starting such an intense program did not seem appealing. I knew that I would need a strong support system throughout this program, all of which I would receive at home. After researching the program (including reading the student testimonials) and seeing what it had to offer, I decided to apply to Methodist.

After a few months of waiting, I secured my first interview at Methodist. I was very impressed with the interview process. The personal touch made me feel like the faculty really cared about me. I felt like I was more than just a number. There were current students at the interview who seemed genuinely excited about choosing this program. They sparked my desire to attend Methodist. This interview set a high standard, and I began to evaluate my subsequent interviews based on my Methodist visit. None of the other schools were compatible, and I gladly enrolled.

Once here, I discovered that the personal touch I experienced at the interview continued into the classroom. The professors genuinely want to see us succeed and become competent physician assistants. They are available to guide us through stressful moments, and have spent extra time explaining relevant material. The professors are concerned about the total student, inside and outside the classroom. In choosing Methodist, I have gained the support system that I knew would be so critical to my success in the program. I highly recommend the program, especially to those of you who may be in the same situation I was not too long ago!

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Stewart Harsant, PA-S

Class of 2014
Fayetteville, NC
North Carolina State University

MU PAP produces phenomenal PA-Cs for many reasons: a dedicated faculty, technologically advanced facilities, small class size, and PANCE passing rates that rival the nation's top-ranked schools. These PANCE passing rates speak volumes in themselves. The MU PAP Class of 2012 had a 100% pass rate: everybody passed! As you are exposed to massive amounts of information, you can get overwhelmed, and in those times it's nice to know your program is tried and true.

Every faculty member is a currently practicing physician or PA, so classwork is geared towards making students clinically efficient and aids in a smooth transition into the medical community. MU PAP places a focus on treating the patient as a whole person; knowing the medical condition and projecting the effect it will have emotionally, socially, and financially. This is the most important aspect of the program for me, as medicine is about blending science and humanity. The MUPAP is the perfect place to help sharpen this aspect of the practitioner.

Because many of the current faculty members were founders of the program, they exude a pride and passion for their work that inspires students. The faculty has seen the program grow into one of the most technologically advanced PA programs in the nation that rivals most PA and medical schools' facilities. Our state-of-the-art cadaver lab allows students to dissect the human body while looking at relevant notes and diagrams on a large computer screen that hangs from the ceiling to the side of the dissection table. Anatomy lab learning is extremely dynamic and interactive and is the foundation upon which medical science is built, along with physiology.

Once accepted into the program, these phenomenal professors become your colleagues and mentors and the same students writing these testimonials you will see on a regular basis as you progress and grow into an effective, compassionate medical provider.

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Jonathan Kearns, PA-S

Class of 2015
Boston, MA
St. Anselm College
Special Forces Medic, U.S. Army Veteran

The decision to attend PA school was a firm one I made some years ago. Before I could apply I had to take science prerequisites since my undergraduate degree was in Political Science. I completed my courses at Methodist and immediately knew this was where I wanted to continue my education. The environment is welcoming and each professor finds that delicate balance between demanding the best from each student and inspiring students to push a bit harder than we even think we are capable of.

Lucky for me, Methodist University Physician Assistant Program had a great reputation that only reaffirmed my decision to attend PA school here. MUPAP is consistently putting out excellent graduates who are doing great work in the community. I was a Special Forces Medic in the Army and often worked alongside PAs, and in my opinion, the PAs who came from Methodist were by far the best. Being a student here I now see why that was the case. There is constant focus on becoming the best practitioner one can be. Clearly there is a lot of memorization as well, but our professors reiterate that one must always be able to see the forest through the trees. The ultimate goal of the MUPAP is to always put the patient first.

The interview process was also something that set MUPAP apart. In my opinion, MUPAP was the only school that actually “interviewed” me. They put effort into their questions. I am pleased that while I was looking to find a school to fit me that the MUPAP was looking for students to also fit them. They incorporated multiple interviews with multiple professors, asked personal questions about why I wanted to be a PA and how I planned to deal with the rigorous demands of PA school. This character and personal interest displayed during my MUPAP interview process has transitioned to my experiences as a student as well. Each faculty member cares about every student; they know our backgrounds and what is going on in on lives. MUPAP actively promotes a community atmosphere where students are encouraged to help each other and every professor is available after hours if extra help is needed.

Another wonderful aspect about Methodist University is their accommodations for veterans like me. For veterans using their GI Bill, MUPAP is a yellow ribbon school. I found out during my application process that while many schools claim to participate in the yellow ribbon program, there are often restrictions surrounding that claim. For example, many are only so for a certain number of applicants or only for undergraduate studies. That is not the case at Methodist. Using the GI Bill here is flawless. Their staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable on navigating the rules, regulations and challenges that arise when veterans use their GI bill benefits for school. I am proud to attend a University who consistently graduates outstanding Physician Assistants, and proud to attend a University with such an outstanding record of supporting our veterans. I could not be happier with my decision to attend Methodist University Physician Assistant Program.

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Tana Kornachuk , PA-S

Class of 2015
Yellowstone, MT
Gonzaga University

The goal of any Physician Assistant school applicant is to earn the coveted “C” behind the PA and to become a competent, compassionate health care provider. There are over one hundred and eighty Physician Assistant programs nationwide, all of them leading students toward the common goal of becoming a certified PA. Of all the choices of schools, all with the same end goal, what makes Methodist stand out? Earnest Hemingway once wrote, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end”. At Methodist, it is more than just becoming a qualified, considerate PA, it is about the process—the journey. Students commit to twenty-seven months of schooling—fourteen months filled with extensive classroom learning and thirteen months of hands-on clinical rotations. Twenty-seven months of intensive schooling and clinicals to become a PA…twenty-seven months of a life journey.

Of course, there are some huge draws to Methodist’s PA program. The class of 2013 has a PANCE pass rate of 97%. The state of the art cadaver lab allows for extensive hands on experience with teams of just four students assigned to each cadaver. The small class size creates an optimal learning environment where faculty and students can interact. And, the people…the people make the journey exceptional.

The program administrators have a very literal open door policy. They are always available to answer questions, hear concerns, implement change, and provide support. The upper classmen give advice, lend textbooks, and provide social outlets. The community stands behind the program. Area health care practitioners provide many opportunities for students’ clinical rotations. In addition, Methodist’s PA program puts on a golf tournament and road race yearly and both are well received and supported by the community. Finally, the journey would certainly not be complete without classmates. Classmates that pull each other along, bring cupcakes on birthdays, put on late night study sessions, meet for dinner, and share in the unique journey of PA school.

Methodist provides exceptional details to the journey—from the faculty to the cadaver lab to the PANCE pass rate. I am grateful that Methodist is part of my journey!

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Victoria Locklear , PA-S

Class of 2015
Maxton, NC
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

I am so grateful to be a part of the Methodist family! My decision to attend Methodist PA program was the best decision I have ever made regarding my educational experience. From the application process to now I have never doubted my choice to become a Physician Assistant or to join this program.

The phenomenal PANCE rates, small class size, and awesome anatomy lab are the initial aspects that drew me to this program. During my interview I quickly realized that the facilities were outstanding, but most importantly the faculty and staff are supportive and advocates for all of the students. In joining this PA program, I have truly gained a family and I am appreciative of everything that this program has contributed to my learning. I will begin clinical rotations soon and although I am a little nervous, I am confident in the fact that MUPAP has done a great job preparing me for the next phase.

This program has and will continue to be challenging, but I am grateful to be a part of it. I remind myself that nothing of great value can be obtained easily, and after graduation I will be able and ready to provide quality health care as a PA in my hometown community. I will gladly let everyone know where I received my education; the Methodist University Physician Assistant Program an encourage those that I mentor to truly consider this PA program as their first choice.

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Leslie Lovette, PA-S

Class of 2014
Lumberton, NC
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

From the moment I interviewed with Methodist University, I knew their physician assistant program was the one for me. The faculty, staff, and current students created a welcoming environment and really made the interview process a lot less stressful. Everyone acted as if they were just one big family and I have continued to see that throughout my time in the program. I also enjoy the small class size and personal feel that comes along with attending a small private university. The PA program is located beside the main campus, but is close enough for students to be able to use all of the resources the university has to offer. My classmates and I have definitely spent our fair share of time in the library using the private study rooms and free printing.

Another aspect of this program that I appreciate is the caring attitude of every faculty and staff member. Even though the coursework is difficult, the instructors try their best to make sure every student succeeds. As long you put forth your best effort, they will go above and beyond to ensure that you do well in the program.

Even though I am just beginning my journey toward becoming a physician assistant, I feel as if I have learned so much already. I truly believe that this program is preparing me to be an excellent healthcare provider and contributing member of the medical field.

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Aaron Manshaem , PA-S

Class of 2015
Hudsonville, MI
Michigan State University

After the hard work I endured to prepare for physician assistant school, I needed a PA program that could foster my education and skills. I wanted a program that had a record for success facing the PANCE exam and offered the tools to enhance my PA career.

Methodist University quickly caught my attention when I learned about their superior PANCE pass rate. My undergraduate university had a typical class size over 200 students, and I appreciated the fact that Methodist limited their program to 40 students. The faculty testimonials online made it clear that Methodist carefully selected educators with a passion to teach, and of course a state-of- the- art cadaver lab also gained my interest.

Interview time: Now I would find out the reality of a program that appeared flawless on paper. I arrived ready for an intimidating and grueling day of interviews. Instead, the faculty, staff and students provided a familial welcome. During the interview process, the detailed organization made it apparent that Methodist valued my visit. I witnessed the much talked about cadaver lab and was quite impressed with the integrated technology. The program surpassed my expectations; I felt privileged to receive my invitation to be part of the MU team.

Now being a member of the program, I have been challenged daily to move out of my comfort zone and develop skills that will be essential when my title is PA-C. Every semester completed is a badge of honor along the physician assistant path.

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Cassandra Montoya, PA-S

Class of 2014
Colorado State University, Undergraduate
Midwestern University-Glendale, AZ Graduate

"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."

This is a very exciting time in your life! You are researching schools to attend for a career you are passionate about. Perhaps you love pediatrics or cardiology, maybe you are thinking about emergency medicine or surgery. The options for a physician assistant are unlimited! I loved interviewing, visiting the schools, meeting their faculty, staff, current students, and my peers I interviewed with. I was in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina. People would tell me I would have a feeling about a school, it was true. The feeling I felt at Methodist was unmatched at other schools. The faculty were beyond welcoming and truly genuine. The interviews were not intimidating and they really wanted to know who I was not only as a student but who I am as a person. As everyone else has said the anatomy lab, the lecture hall, and the PANCE pass rate (100% for the class of 2012) was simply icing on the cake.

In this 27-month program we are learning a vast amount of complex material. I can tell you it will be one of the toughest times of your life so get ready to work hard. Being around the right people is key. No matter what program you choose to attend, make sure you know you are supported. At Methodist, I know I can talk to any of my classmates or the faculty and they understand. The faculty have been through this exact program or other medical programs and are empathetic and provide the support we need. We also foster an atmosphere that is non-competitive. This was especially important to me coming from two competitive programs because the person sitting next to me was also applying to PA school. Now, I'm happy to say my classmates are now my colleagues and we are here to help each other become compassionate and competent PA's.

"If you want the most out of life, you have to make the most of it."

The opportunity for leadership and personal growth is another reason I chose to come to Methodist. Last semester I became involved in the North Carolina Association of Physician Assistants (NCAPA) to gain a better understanding about our profession at both the state and national level. I was selected as the Student Director for our school. I attend the state board meeting in Durham and love interacting with practicing PA's throughout the state and also the other representatives from the other NC schools. On a national level I applied and was selected as one of fifty-one students that will represent all 18,000 PA students from around the country. While at the national AAPA conference I plan to also run for a national position. The leadership and learning opportunities are available and I'm fortunate to have faculty that support me and my growth as each day I become closer to the career of my dreams! I'm more than willing to accept any other questions you may have by

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David Renan , PA-S

Class 2015
Los Angeles, CA
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

I remember reading student testimonials when I was going through the selection process, trying to find the right PA program for myself. I knew PA school was going to be a challenging couple of years and I wanted to be able to emerge on the other side not only confident and prepared, but also glad for the experience. I wanted a high-quality training program that would also provide a comfortable, supportive and hopefully enjoyable learning environment. Methodist had an excellent PANCE pass rate percentage, outstanding facilities that were entirely dedicated to PA students (no competition with MD, nursing students etc.), a faculty composed of highly experienced instructors, and a small class size. The first items on that list were all obvious pluses academically, but the small class size was also significant for me. It provides more room for interaction, both between students, and between students and faculty, which, in my experience, greatly facilitates the learning process.

Those were all the obvious benefits to Methodist. And after having been here I have come to appreciate the more subtle, yet equally significant benefits to learning here. The faculty and staff excel at supporting and interacting with the students, and actively seek to create an effective and comfortable learning environment. They are always interested in class feedback, and the door is always open for whatever questions and concerns might arise. Students are encouraged to succeed both as a group and as individuals through cooperation and competence; and the end result is a family like atmosphere that has really added to my learning experience. Also, the facilities here really are remarkable, and they greatly contribute to both the training process and the “home away from home” feel of the program (you should see the cadaver lab, lecture hall, and student lounge if you haven’t already).

We spend a lot of time here, and whether working or lounging (yes, it happens), it helps to have such functional and comfortable surroundings.

Academically the program is tough and challenging, but it turns out that if you manage your time, do the work and help each other out, it can also be rewarding and enjoyable. I am glad I chose Methodist, and I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

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Anastasia Renz, PA-S

Class of 2014
Moundsville, WV
Duke University

When I made the decision to apply to PA school, I knew my ultimate selection of a program was of utmost importance. Not only would this program be the critical factor in providing me with the necessary medical knowledge, but also would be able to cultivate me into the best clinician I can possibly be.

Although I had initially applied to MUPAP because of its geographic location and warm weather, my interview day made me quickly realize how unique the program is. Throughout the hours I spent getting to learn about the program and talk with the faculty and students, it was evident how exceptional Methodist is. The school facilities are gorgeous and state of the art, with a brand new medical lecture hall and anatomy lab. The anatomy lab is one of the most technologically advanced labs in the country at any PA school, and an amazing educational opportunity for each student in the program.

Along with the facilities, the faculty and students made a big impression on me. The faculty are all practicing clinicians who take time out of their demanding schedules to instruct the MUPAP students. It is a great advantage to be taught by people who are still taking care of patients, and can impart their medical wisdom to us through their experiences. The Methodist students also left a big imprint on me. Even though they were in the midst of arduous classes, they took the time out to welcome each applicant individually. They answered all my questions, and they even stayed afterwards to ensure I had no lingering inquiries. It was easy to see the caliber of students MUPAP attracts was not just based upon academic excellence, but a compassionate spirit as well. I left that day knowing that MUPAP was the perfect PA program for me.

So far, my experiences in the program have been challenging, yet rewarding. Even though it is a grueling program, especially in the first semester, I know the demands of the program are preparing me for life after PA school. I am grateful that it is a rigorous program, because one day I will be entrusted to take care of people's lives. Additionally, the program encourages us to become more involved in the community through various opportunities. It is nice to be reminded that serving our community is one of the most important aspects of being a Physician Assistant.

As students, we are also encouraged to become involved in state and national organizations. I am currently a student member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants, and the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants. These memberships provide additional educational opportunities, as well as the latest medical news in daily emails, national conferences, and scholarship opportunities. I know it will be an advantage to be involved in these organizations early on in my training.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my decision to attend Methodist University PA Program. I could not imagine a program better suited for me, and I am looking forward to the day I will be a Methodist University PA Program graduate!

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Khaddija Sanyang, PA-S

Class of 2014
Raleigh, NC
NC Central University

When choosing a Physician Assistant program, one does not really think about sentimental things like a sense of family, or a hometown feel, you get from a particular program, we usually think about tangible things like statistics. As far as statistics go Methodist University has one of the best; we have one of the highest PANCE pass rates in the country, state of the art cadaver lab, and small class sizes, just to name a few. With these high rankings in mind any student will be lucky to go to Methodist University's PA program. However, what if I told you that these were not the main reasons why I chose Methodist University's PA program, as the school, to prepare me, in pursing my career as a physician's Assistant. Of course, all of these reasons were inclusive in my decision making process, I'm a student after all, and therefore I trust numbers. However, my main motivator lies in the sense of family feeling I received from the faculty and staff.

The faculty and staff treated me like a real person during my entire application process and any applicant in this very competitive field knows that, that's a rare trait. Like many students, I applied to many PA programs to broaden my chances of acceptance, however, unlike most students I had problems with my email address and had to change it during this time. Unbeknownst to me, all the schools contacted me through my email, however, one school took the extra step to call me and confirm. That school was Methodist University making it at that point a good choice on my list. When I came for my interview, I was even more impressed with the reception I received from the current students, faculty and staff. My experience that day gave me the validation I now know to be true, that each and every person at Methodist University's PA program is dedicated to my success as a student and a future PA.

The Faculty and staff are all well respected practicing providers in the Fayetteville area and by right, experts in their own particular fields of practice. They will challenge you in every step of the way as you go through the hardest program of your life to this point. They expect a lot of you and they believe it in each fiber of their being that you are very capable. Their enthusiasm in their field guarantees you for a world class education.

At Methodist University's PA program, you truly have the best of both worlds, a state of the art curriculum with a human touch and that is why I am honored to be part of such a program.

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Cleatus Steele, PA-S

Class of 2014
Arlington, TX
Hardin-Simmons University

Choosing a PA program can be a very intimidating decision but after my interview on campus my decision became much simpler. I loved the fact that Methodist PA students had access to a state of the art cadaver lab and lecture hall that would be found at much larger schools but still had small class sizes that allow for the personal attention necessary for a healthy learning environment. On top of the fact that the cadaver lab is state of the art, students don't have to worry about sharing the facilities with other programs as is common at most other PA schools.

All of the faculty, staff, and students that I met during my interview also showed a true interest in who I was as a person while other programs seemed to only be focused on my academics. This continues to be true today and is important to me because I know they truly care that I succeed both professionally and personally.

Because it is a small program focused on the success of its students there is a non-competitive learning environment here that encourages teamwork among classmates to enhance learning. The instructors are among the best in the country and make everything taught clinically relevant. They all continue to practice medicine and are always well versed on the latest medical care. Because of this, they are continually updating their lectures to ensure that all of the material is as up to date as possible and then using their own personal experiences to convey their lessons. Along with continuing to practice, Methodist instructors are also always making themselves available to the students to promote a thorough understanding of all of the information.

This learning environment has allowed the program to have extremely competitive PANCE pass rates, with perfect scores not being uncommon, and produce PAs who will be able to provide the highest quality of care.

There is a sincere commitment to care among the faculty and staff at Methodist for patients as well as for their students. This commitment to provide an atmosphere of learning gives me confidence in that I will succeed here as a PA student and in the future as a practicing PA after graduation.

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Andrea Sumner, PA-S

Class of 2014
Springfield, VA
Auburn University

From the very beginning of my exposure to Methodist's PA Program, I knew this was the place for me. It began with a simple email asking if I could come for a visit, and I haven't looked back since. The first person I met was our admissions director and from the start she was welcoming, patient with my questions, and her willingness to take the time out of her busy schedule to show me around the program went above and beyond what I expected. The staff here at Methodist is the hardest working, dedicated, and friendliest you'll ever have the privilege to meet. When I left Methodist after my first visit, the feeling I had was this program was a close-knit group of individuals where it's more than just a PA program, but a PA family.

There are many factors that should go into choosing your education, from the facilities, location, faculty, staff, unique opportunities, and the type of graduate you will be when you leave. When I made my decision to come to Methodist I knew without any reservation that I was going to receive one of the best and most challenging educations in the nation. Our faculty is some of the brightest, most experienced, and most supportive that you will ever come across. They have no doubt challenged me beyond what I thought I could do, and continue to strive for more, but they always let us know that they are there if we need anything.

What also enable our faculty to elevate our learning are the facilities we have here at MU. We have a state-of-the-art cadaver lab, a beautiful lecture hall, breakout classrooms that allow my classmates and I to meet and study efficiently, and exam rooms where we can practice our H&P skills. There is only so much that you can learn from a textbook or a power point lecture, but nothing can take the place of hands-on learning. It is without a doubt that the hands on learning, the academic challenges set before us by our faculty, the hardest working staff you'll ever meet, and the being surrounded daily by the smartest and most compassionate classmates that make me very lucky to be a part of this program.

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Trey Winfrey, PA-S

Class of 2014
Peoria, IL
Monmouth College

I was drawn to Methodist initially because of its reputation as a premier PA program and knew that I would be provided with a quality education if I were accepted. My attraction to Methodist only grew after my experience with their interview process. Both the current students and instructors were very warm and inviting, on a level that I had not previously experienced with a PA program interview. In addition to these factors it does not hurt that Methodist boasts a state of the art cadaver lab and an extremely high PANCE pass rate.

More importantly, my initial impression of Methodist was not deceiving. I have greatly enjoyed my time thus far in the program. The classes are, as expected, challenging but by that same token I have learned a great deal and have had instructors and classmates ready to assist me at every turn. I was and am impressed at how my classmates mirror the warmth and genuineness I experienced during my interview process. It seems that Methodist wants to foster an all-around positive learning experience and in this student's opinion they are succeeding.

While it is nice to be comfortable in your surroundings the most important part of a physician assistant education is just that, the education and once again Methodist is impressive in this area. It is easy to see that all of my instructors truly have a passion for educating future health care providers. The majority of them are still practicing in their field of medicine so they are not only experienced; they are able to provide you with the most current information. As a student I consider myself extremely lucky to benefit from their depth of knowledge.

In addition to the atmosphere and teaching localized in the Methodist Program students are provided with multiple opportunities to seek instruction from outside sources. As a member of the AAPA or American Academy of Physician Assistants I have the ability to attend a number of different conferences and look forward to the upcoming IMPACT conference this year in Washington, DC.

Overall my experience at Methodist has been intellectually challenging, but rewarding because of that challenge. I look confidently forward to the day I graduate from Methodist as a PA, knowing that I will be well prepared thanks to the education I am receiving here.

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