Additional Services

Additional Services

Want to get the scoop on additional services the Methodist University Department of Public Safety offers to the campus community? Well, you've come to the right place! Most services offered are free of charge to students, faculty or staff.

(S.N.A.P.) Student Needs and Assistance Program

Arrangements may need to be coordinated in advance for some circumstances. If the student is injured and needs a ride to and from class, a security officer will be dispatched.  If students need a buddy to walk with them to or from any location or event or campus, a security or police officer will be dispatched.

Vehicle Assistance

University Police Officers are equipped to "jump-start" dead batteries. Vehicle unlocks are only provided in an emergency situation. NOTE: The vehicle's owner or operator must sign a liability waiver prior to assistance being provided.

Lost and Found

The Public Safety Office serves as the primary clearinghouse for lost and found items on campus. Call or stop by our office during business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday) to inquire about any items you may have lost. Items not claimed within thirty days are donated to local non-profit organizations or destroyed.

Crime Prevention Services

A highly-trained Crime Prevention Officer is on staff to provide safety advice, instruction. and support to the campus community. The Crime Prevention Officer is also responsible for all campus crime prevention programs. (including Operation ID, Student Escorts, Community Crime Prevention Classes, Personal Safety Classes, and the Crime Stoppers Program). The Crime Prevention Office is located in the lobby area of Garber Hall.  The Crime Prevention Officer is available to work with community organizations, RC’s and RA’s to assist them in programs that are conducive to the health and security of the MU community members. The Crime Prevention Officer will assist all MU community members with tips and training on how to keep your personal belongings secure.  There will be on going classes concerning alcohol awareness, Drug Awareness, Crime Prevention strategies, and Personal Safety awareness.

Crime Stoppers Program

Methodist University Crime Stoppers provides monetary rewards for information resulting in the identification or arrest of persons who commit crimes on campus. Calls to Crime Stoppers are completely anonymous - you will never be asked to disclose your name!  Call (910) 630-7287 for the Crime Stoppers Hotline.

Silent Witness Program

The Silent Witness program provides yet another option to anonymously provide information about a crime. Simply click on the link for the Silent Witness, fill out the form and click submit.

Fire Safety

The Campus Safety Officer is responsible for all campus fire equipment and inspections thereof. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to, fire safety plans/procedures and proper compliance with all local and state fire codes and regulations.

Parking Stickers & ID Card Services

Student, faculty, and staff parking stickers and ID cards are issued at the Public Safety Office Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Fees are listed in the Student Handbook.

Driver's Familiarization Course

By utilizing classroom instruction and practical exercises, the Driver's Familiarization Course acquaints individuals with some effective defensive and emergency driving techniques. This course is required if a community member is under 25 years of age and desires to operate a Methodist University vehicle. If a prospective driver is over 25 years of age but has no verifiable experience driving 15 passenger vehicles, they must attend the class as well. If the perspective driver is over 25 years of age with verifiable experience, they must successfully complete only the practical portion of the course.

Operation ID/Reportit

This is a Crime Prevention service offered across the country by numerous law enforcement agencies. The Methodist University Crime Prevention officer is willing to assist students, staff and faculty in logging onto this site if needed.

All items with a serial number can be entered. If those items are ever stolen, law enforcement can obtain the serial number(s) for entry into the NCIC database. This will assist law enforcement nationwide with positive identification of your items should they be found or sold. Go to to register your property.

Public Safety Bulletins & Crime Alerts

The Department of Public Safety periodically posts flyers on campus and bulletins via campus e-mail regarding issues of concern, such as theft, suspicious persons or other potential threats to the Methodist University community. These bulletins and alerts are intended to enhance the community's awareness of important issues. Register for MUPAWS.


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