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Opportunities and Programs

CURC Symposium

Students can present their research and creative projects during Methodist University's annual CURC Symposium. Presentation styles can be discipline specific (e.g., performances, readings, or the more traditional oral presentation). Students not wishing to present their material in an oral format can create and display their work in a poster format.

Click below to view titles and abstracts from previous CURC Symposia:

URC Fellowship

Students who want to immerse themselves in a culture of research and creativity can become Methodist University URC Fellows. Beginning the second semester of the student's freshman year, he or she can apply to become a URC Fellow Candidate. Over the course of the next 1.5 semesters, the Candidate will fulfill a series of requirements that will be made available to them and that will be focused on research and creative projects.

At the end of the sophomore year, the student will be eligible to apply to become a URC Fellow. If selected to become a Fellow, the student will then have a series of other requirements that must be met before graduation, at which time the student will apply for the URC Fellow Certificate of Completion.

The pathway to becoming a Methodist University URC Fellow is intended to be intense and rigorous. However, upon completion of the program, the successful students will be well-rounded and open-minded and will have had an experience that sets them apart from their peers at MU and other institutions.

Click here to view more information about becoming an URC Fellow.


Coming Soon! Within the next two years students will be able to apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Experience. This Experience will be more intense and in-depth as the project will be the student's main focus and will not be balanced with more formal course work of a typical semester. At the end of the Experience, the student will be required to present his or her material in a manner suitable for the discipline.