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Success Stories

THE ST. REGIS, ASPEN - While looking for an internship in the spring of 2001, I was having trouble finding a place that I was satisfied with or that would even take me as an intern. I applied to places in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Florida wouldn’t take me because it was "out of season" and I have lived in the Carolinas all my life so I wanted something different. The St. Regis popped up on my computer one day while I was looking at different resorts, and this particular one in Aspen caught my eye. I decided to go ahead and apply even though I knew that it was defiantly too far away from home for me to go. I believe that I received a phone call from Ann Fitzgerald, Director of Human Resources, within 5 days of applying. Basically, it all happened very fast. School ended about 2 weeks later and I found myself packing my car and getting ready to move to Colorado.

I worked in the Spa as a spa attendant at the St. Regis. Located in the spa is a full salon with a facial room, four massage rooms, a cardiovascular area and a weight room as well as free weights. Also, men's and women's locker rooms, each with their own sauna and steam room. The whirlpool is coed and located in the area by the weigh rooms.

This is only a small description compared to my experience working here. First of all, it's completely a dream to work in Colorado, much less Aspen! Being from North Carolina, I had never been that far west.
I started working on June 1 for Zach Lentz, the Spa and Health Club Manager, who was actually from Charlotte, NC. Everyone working in the Spa was very nice and helpful. I first started learning my way around and how to use the micros, which was the hardest part. My job had many responsibilities. I answered the phone and took appointments for the salon and massage therapists. When guests would come into the spa, I greeted and helped them. I basically did whatever a customer asked of me, which could be anything from ordering them food to searching throughout the hotel for a certain newspaper at four in the afternoon.

Sometimes requests were impossible, but we would try to do anything to accommodate anyone. A few of my other responsibilities included stocking towels, stocking toiletries in locker rooms, and just keeping everything clean for our customer satisfaction.

Working at the St. Regis was a great learning experience. I couldn’t have chosen a better place. Everyone I worked with was very friendly and helpful. By interning with the St. Regis, I now have the opportunity and experience to work at any other St. Regis in the world.

- Kelly Brown

Timber Ridge Lodge at Grand Geneva, what an awesome opportunity. I could never have guessed I would ever visit Wisconsin, let alone work there. The summer of 2003, I worked at the Timber Ridge Water Park/Suites in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I was able to go there and work for and along-side the Marcus Corporation, letting me experience first-hand what the resort business is all about.

I don'’t think I have ever taken more out of a work experience then I did that summer. I was unsure about what field of the resort business I wanted to go into, but after working in Grand Geneva, I have a better understanding. I realized that with the Resort Management program, I can go wherever I would like and do whatever I enjoy. I have always wanted to go into the experience business and after working in a family atmosphere rather than a corporate business atmosphere, I now know that I would like to combine the two and work in a resort that stresses the family experience. To be able to help kids, see them do things that they normally wouldn't do, to see them ride horses with their family; that is an experience that I would like to be a part of.

One of the main things that Mr. Meeske teaches us in resort is to be able to sell ourselves and to find something we really enjoy. And by doing that, I have endless opportunities…I love it! I can't wait until this summer!

- Amanda Moffett

Fripp Island - This summer I had the privilege of interning at Fripp Island Resort in South Carolina. Although Fripp's a relatively small resort, it has many of the different aspects which one would expect at any of the larger resorts. During my time at Fripp I not only became accustomed to the area in which I interned, but I also had the chance to shadow many different departments. I was a naturalist intern for the summer, which gave me very flexible hours and a chance to spend most of my days outdoors. Seeing how I am not a biology major I was not sure that this internship would work out, but by the end of the summer I was able to run and plan programs all by myself.

When I started the summer I was very unfamiliar with the resort industry, however this experience gave me a good overview of what to expect, and helped me to choose a specific area of interest in which to pursue my career. I had a great time this summer working at Fripp this summer, and living on the beach was not too bad either!!!

- Rachael Favinger