Small-Business Excellence Award

Small-Business Excellence Award

A small business is one that employs fewer than 300 persons and generates revenue of less than $15 million per annum. The Excellence Award committee considers the creativity of the business, the uniqueness of the product, the employees’ welfare and the contributions of the business to its community.

2017 David "Bud"Taylor
2016 Zan Monroe
2015 Bob Bangs
2014 W. Scott Weathington
2013 H.R. & Larry Haire
2012 Stephen Wheeler
2011 John Cockrum & Roger McSwain
2010 F. Royal "Buzz" Loyd, Jr.
2009 Ernest Goodson
2008 Tom Wills
2007 Wade Hardin
2006 Thomas Bradford
2005 Richard Guy
2004 Ralph & Linda Huff
2003 Tyler & Garry Nelson
2002 Ernest Stanley Owen
2001 G. Michael Pleasant
2000 Ron & Sharon Matthews
1999 Larry & Sylvia Tinney
1998 Judy Cashwell
1997 Bobby & Barbara Hawley
1996 Luke Wheeler
1995 Woodrow Bass
1994 J.R. Peaden & Family
1993 John Lampros
1992 Howard Bullard
1991 Ronald Stone
1990 Keith Allison
1989 R. Leonard Eillis
1989 Joe Walker
1988 Michael Franklin Currin


Graduate Commencement Ceremony

The Winter Commencement Ceremony for students in Methodist University Graduate Programs.

Baccalaureate Service

Prior to graduation, a Baccalaureate Service will take place at 10:30 a.m. in Huff Concert Hall, where Dr. James Howell will deliver the baccalaureate...


This is the undergraduate Winter Commencement ceremony.

Admission by ticket only until 1:55 p.m.

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