Student Spotlight

Gina Martinez '14

Gina Martinez, Class of 2014
Accounting/Honors Program

Students come in all forms, but here at Methodist University, the non-traditional students like myself serve to enhance the diversity. I am an accounting major, and a 32-year-old combat veteran, military wife, and parent. Every day is a careful balancing act of whatever life happens to throw at me, and studying. After my Army service, I really wanted to make the most of my educational opportunities, while proudly representing the community of veterans here in Fayetteville. I left the military “Army Strong,” as the saying goes, but I wanted to be intellectually strong as well. That is why I applied to the Honors Program.

Since joining, the Honors Program has instilled in me critical thinking skills that I could never have gained through any other course here at Methodist University, or anywhere else for that matter. The classes are intimate, with an open-minded seminar environment. The professors expect intellectual investment from all the students, and we work very hard to meet those expectations. They motivate us to read, examine, and assess great books in ways that we can apply to other aspects of our lives. The program definitely pushed me to challenge myself. Even with my obligations, the time and investment required for this program is 100 percent worth the rewards and benefits. I can’t count how many times these skills have been successfully applied to my other studies. The Honors Program is not just for the traditional students, and I truly believe highly motivated and dedicated veterans will benefit from this program as immensely as I did.

Gina Martinez ’14
Accounting with minors in Business Administration and International Business
Fayetteville, North Carolina


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